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Tears of a Clown

I sat on this one for a week or two, but it’s an interesting story to accompany the photos.

On his annual visit to Illinois Wesleyan, Augustana basketball coach Grey Giovanine was his usual volatile self, whining for every call. But he sunk to a new low this year. A little verbal jockeying towards IWU’s Victor Davis early in the game was met with a response by the player. In short, Grey muttered something like “let him shoot, we want him to take that shot.” After Davis drained the 3-pointer, he returned the salvo with something like “that’s for you Coach G.”

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More Grey than White

It’s that time again – an evening watching Augustana’s men’s basketball team when they come to town for a conference clash with Illinois Wesleyan. This is always a great rivalry – Wesleyan is rated #25 in the country, and #6 Augustana started the season as the top-ranked team.

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Shades of Grey

It’s a bit late in coming since the game was a week ago, but it’s still worth commenting on.

The topic is Division III basketball, and in this case, a recent game at Illinois Wesleyan University, home of the Titans.

There are those, and I have many friends that fall in this category, that just don’t like college basketball in the “non-scholarship” division.

“They aren’t athletic enough,” I’ve heard them say.

“They’ll never make a professional team.”

“I like the atmosphere in a big arena.”

It’s the last comment I especially don’t agree with.

Although crowds vary in size at every athletic venue, it’s always an intimate and electric environment at IWU when a conference team comes to town.

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