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The Balk Off Win

As the ending of baseball games go, this was unique.

Trailing 9-5 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, local favorite Illinois Wesleyan University mounted an improbable rally against North Central College that led to one of the more bizarre endings to a baseball game I’ve ever witnessed. Continue Reading


Tears of a Clown

I sat on this one for a week or two, but it’s an interesting story to accompany the photos.

On his annual visit to Illinois Wesleyan, Augustana basketball coach Grey Giovanine was his usual volatile self, whining for every call. But he sunk to a new low this year. A little verbal jockeying towards IWU’s Victor Davis early in the game was met with a response by the player. In short, Grey muttered something like “let him shoot, we want him to take that shot.” After Davis drained the 3-pointer, he returned the salvo with something like “that’s for you Coach G.”

Continue Reading

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A Vintage Game

He goes by the name Jelly Legs.  Although a friend, I’ve never called him that.  But like the other ballists (players) on his team, when he steps on the field he adopts a new persona.

They go by names like Lunchbox, High Pockets, Long Legs and Skillet Hands.  Even the umpire had the moniker of “Moonshine;” I never heard him reveal his true identity.

The game was played at BeautifulTrobaughField near the grounds of the Homestead Prairie Farm south of Decatur, a facility listed on the National Register of Historic Places and part of the Macon County Conservation District.  The sport is Base Ball, but of the vintage variety.  On this day, they were playing the rules from 1858, a “gentlemen’s game” that resembles the game of today with some significant differences. Continue Reading